About Us

Good Friday is comprised of Hayden McAllister (Drums, Background Vocals, Keys), Eli Fissell (Bass, Background Vocals, Keys), Patrick Procaccini (Lead Guitar), and Dawson Kolstad (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keys). Dawson and Hayden are cousins and have grown up alongside Eli as a close friend. At the age of 8, Hayden was taught to play the drums by his and Dawson's grandfather, Paul Jones. Paul has performed with the likes of BB King, The Paul DeLay Band, and more. He now manages multiple bands, including "Lock, Stock, and Barrel." Paul provided a blues rock background for Hayden to grow from, and talk of music was what spurred Dawson to take up guitar lessons. After a few years of shows here and there at local venues, Hayden and Dawson were exposed to the music scene in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. As they continued to learn their instruments, Eli Fissell, Dawson's childhood best friend, picked up the bass. After Eli had learned to play proficiently, the three began to dream about forming a band, but as most of their song ideas were excessive or immature, those plans gradually fell through. A distinct part of their growth as musicians together was that although they hadn't become Good Friday yet, they played the music in their church's band. The countless rehearsals, sound checks, and opportunities to play for larger crowds proved useful as it prepared the trio for their future as a cohesive act and furthered their abilities to chase musical careers. Although they didn't wish to become a Christian band, this background gave them the emotional maturity and musical knowledge to eventually form Good Friday. At this time, Dawson and Eli became involved in school choirs, while Hayden played trumpet in his school's band. Patrick, who had not yet stepped into the others' lives, was also at that moment, playing trumbone in band class at another school. Throughout high school, the world of writing opened up to Eli and Dawson. This started in class, but evolved into songwriting sessions with one another. Eli, at this time, also formed a songwriting partnership with his friend James Millius. In late 2014, Eli and James established Good Friday. The two of them recruited Hayden and Dawson to be a part of their band. Eli, reportedly, was searching for a decent band name, so he blindly pointed at a list of holidays and when he opened his eyes, the page read "Good Friday." Thus, the name "Good Friday" was given to the band. In this early version of Good Friday, members included Eli on bass and vocals, James on guitar and vocals, Hayden on drums, and Dawson on guitar and vocals. One songwriting session produced the early stages of Keep On, but ultimately, the band idea grew distant to most of the members once more. While the others remained unsure as to whether or not Good Friday remained intact, Dawson wrote song after song in his bedroom at night while fighting sleep trouble. These lyrics became the early ideas for "Blind." The following February, as the new school semester started, Dawson attended the same Spanish class as Patrick Procaccini. After striking up a conversation, the two developed a bond over songwriting as well as music in general. Patrick told Dawson of how he taught himself to play guitar by imitating his musical heroes. He also told Dawson of which goals he wished to accomplish through his guitar playing. He had been playing for a few years at that point and fit the resume for what Dawson believed the rest of Good Friday was looking for. So upon listening to Patrick play, Dawson invited Patrick to perform for the rest of Good Friday, unaware that the other members had no idea he had continued in developing the band. When he brought the idea to them, the others were excited at the possibility of going for it, this time full steam ahead. The only member of the original group who did not wish to further pursue a career with Good Friday was James. The remaining members: Hayden, Eli, and Dawson, met with Patrick in Dawson's garage to play through a list of covers as well as original music that they wished to take to their shows in the future. After that practice in Dawson's garage on February 15th, 2015, the current Good Friday came to be.

Since formation: 

-Paul Jones became the band manager. 

-Good Friday began sessions at Dead Aunt Thelma's Recording Studio in East Portland on April 11th, 2015, alongside Producer Ronn Chick, band manager, Paul Jones, and special guest guitarist, Wesley (Or Buz) Seeley, who happened to be another grandfather of Dawson's. The sessions proved to be little more than studio practice time in preparation for the next set of sessions, but the original version of Shadow was released in February of 2016 and was recorded in those April / May 2015 sessions. 

-Good Friday has played a variety of shows at a variety of places, from local clubs or bars (The Analog Theater and Cafe, The Garages, etc.) to events that push for change (the lantern walk - anti sex trafficking), benefit dinners or celebration events, talent shows, famous Portland music stores (Music Millennium), weddings, and much more, but in the future, they desire to play arenas and stadiums around the world. 

-Good Friday entered Dead Aunt Thelma's Recording Studio for the second set of recording sessions in May of 2016, and after as many takes, overdubs, and mixes their small budget would allow them, they formed their first album, in which they explored the themes of blindness, whether that meant being blind to experience, perspective, or love, being physically blind, or being blind to opportunities that lie ahead of you. Blind was released on November 18th, 2016. 

-They are currently working on creating music videos for a select group of songs from Blind and are always booking gigs. Additionally, in their off time, they are coming up with new material.

-Their songs "So I Sing This Song", "Keep On", "The Train", "Walking On The Water", and "Dreams Put To Rest" off of Blind have been played namely on EGH Radio located in The United Kingdom.

-The first single off of their second album, the song called “A Life That I’ve Lost” is slated to release in the summer of 2018.