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Good Friday is comprised of Hayden McAllister (Drums, Background Vocals, Keys), Eli Fissell (Bass, Background Vocals, Keys), Patrick Procaccini (Lead Guitar), and Dawson Kolstad (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keys). The four grew up playing music together. As early as 8 years old, Hayden and Dawson began playing local venues with older musicians they knew through their grandfather, long time musician Paul Jones. Years later, Eli Fissell started the band “Good Friday“ and encouraged Hayden and Dawson to join.  Not long afterward, Patrick Procaccini was added to the group and they began writing, recording, and performing music as “Good Friday.“ Drawn from a variety of inspirations including The Beatles, U2, Coldplay, TwentyOnePilots, RedHotChiliPeppers, Rush, The Police, and many more, they aim to create sound as a backdrop for lyrically focused music that aims to get bold messages across.